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Check out this awesome dog tricks at the video above. It is amazing how smart our animals can be and this dog certainly tops the charts. If you know of any other cool pet videos or pet tricks please she with us on the contact for and we will do our bets to get it up on the site.


Husky Dog Sings with iPAD – Better than Bieber!

OMG! I almost feel off of my chair when I saw this video. Mishka is the dog in this video and she has some major talent, oh how I wish I could get my dogs to sing to me.Well, I will not give up trying and keep your eyes peeled for their first duet on Youtube in the coming moths. Until that happens,let’s enjoy watching Mishka video and feel free to share the love

Just ran into this puppy today(no pun intended, maybe just a litte 😉 ) Hope you enjoy and I promise to catch up with the support emails and questions this week!!

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