How To stop Your Cat From Spraying In your Home

Keeping your Pet Cat from Spraying in Your Home

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It is generally considered that cats and dogs mark their territories by peeing on certain locations in the house as well as your neighborhood. This distinct animal behavior is not only limited to your pets, but animals in the wild have also been known to ‘spray’ or mark their territories.

Preventing cat spray

You have to understand that spraying and urinating are different, although they both involve the passing of urine. Whereas urination involves the passing of significantly greater volume of urine as a matter of normal body functioning whereby waste products are eliminated from the body, spraying is the act of releasing smaller amounts of urine for the sole purpose of communication.

cat spraying wallsYes, you read that right! Spraying is a form of communication between animals, telling one another that a particular area is the ‘territory’ of one animal. Some experts also believe that spraying is one-way cats express frustrations as what may happen if your cat does not feel secure with his ‘territory’.

Now, knowing this, before you attempt to stop your cat from spraying, you have to be certain that your cat is indeed spraying and not urinating. Otherwise, if your cat is, in fact, urinating and you stop him, then you also stop a fundamental need to eliminate wastes from the body. And that is also not good.

What can you do to keep your cat from spraying inside your home?

Since cats spray because of territorial insecurities, it is a good idea to build his confidence and increase his feelings of security. Give your cat enough attention and praise as well as affection. You can do small wonders just by playing with your cat with his favorite toy or giving him a soothing massage or just stroking his coat. Talk to him as if he were human and do everything in your power to rebuild his confidence.

If you notice spray marks near open windows and doors as well as fireplaces, it may be because there is another animal out there that is perceived as a threat to the ‘territory’ of your cat. It can be another cat, a dog, or even a female cat in heat. Whatever the case, you need to close these open structures or make sure your cat does not have access to the outside world. If this d does not work, you can mask the scent with a drop of perfume or your favorite cologne.

Never ever reprimand your cat for spraying. Remember that the issue in spraying is a bruised ego. When you reprimand your cat, the more that he is likely to feel awful about his situation, the more that he will spray.

How to get cat spray smell out

Never have more than one cat in your household. There have been several pieces of literature suggesting that households with more cats tend to have a greater incidence of cat spraying compared to households that have only one cat. Again, remember cat insecurity.Although male and female cats are known to spray, male cats are considered to be more territorial than their female counterparts. This is the reason why many experts suggest neutering male cats as early as they are still kittens to avoid future spraying problems. If you have fallen victim to cat spray odors, here is a cool product to help you get urine smell out of carpet

Although spraying is different from urinating, the odor that it emits can still be a source of nuisance for most families. As a responsible cat owner, you need to build the confidence of your cat so that he will feel less insecure about his home – your home.




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